My name is Egle Tenikyte. I’m Lithuanian photographer, currently living in Costa da Caparica, Portugal. For 10 years I was mainly working as a fashion photographer with various brands from all around the globe yet everything has changed from the moment I moved to Portugal…

A few years ago I had a chance to take part in such events as Caramulo Motor Festival and Estoril Classics, known as the biggest ones in Portugal uniting the automotive industry. The engine sound that shakes the whole body from the moment you enter the event, the irresistible aesthetics of classic sports car design, the pure wild passion hanging in every single particle of the air – that touched me deeply from within like a huge tidal wave. My chest was trembling exactly the same way as on the day when I saw the ocean for the first time therefore I decided to connect these two biggest passions of mine and came up with a new project called Drive me to the ocean dedicated to classic sports cars and coastal life.


Drive me to the ocean.. within your chest.


..the story of my seashell necklaces started in Fiji – an archipelago of more than 300 islands located in the heart of the South Pacific, where I saw the ocean for the first time.

I was dreaming about that moment since I was a kid. I never had an opportunity to live as close to the ocean as I wanted therefore my idea was to keep at least a small part of it with me no matter where I would be.

A seashell on the necklace ends up right next to the heart that the heartbeat could remind the sound of the waves to the seashell and the seashell could remind the ocean to the heart.


Keep this seashell close to your heart and let me take you on a journey across the deep blue oceans and wavy seas..